Sally Späth + Michelle McGeean
Saturday 2-5 pm
June 10, 17, 24

Michelle McGeean

Michelle McGeean’s project for China Town (The Mirror & The Abyss) is comprised of an uncanny mirror placed on site, “self-reflection” glasses, and an accompanying essay on China Town’s website. Incentive for this work spans from the abyss, to “alien windows”, to waters that stand still (the most dangerous of all), and finally to satire, where “beholders do generally discover everybody’s face but their own.”


These works are part of an ongoing project (A Fool Among Knaves: How Satire Ruined My Life) where the bluster of the satirist’s “straw man” (knave, fool, hack, quack, confidence man, duper, duped, or buffoon) is the “modis operandi” in her role as a researcher and purveyor of “Hard Words” and the production of “Strange Sights.”

Sally Späth

I use cadmium yellow in painted lines of varying thickness, length and spacing either painted directly on the wall or on sheets of translucent polyester film. I am interested in painting as a material and as an activity and wish to communicate these two essential properties of painting. I paint on site to connect the paintings and the activity of painting to where it takes place and is taking place.